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Discover the best work bags that combine style and functionality for professionals. Upgrade your everyday commute with a bag that keeps you organized and ready for anything.
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The perfect work tote should be three things: functional, fashionable, and free for happy hour later. Our Work Tote is all that and more — it’s what we like to consider the perfect blend of business and pleasure. Featuring a sleek, vegan leather exterior and a perfectly compartmentalized interior, this bag feels like the promotion you know you deserve. NEW FEATURES! - Widened shoulder straps - Sturdier trolley pass-through - Sleek, rolled edges - Interior magnetic closures

Shannon Callery
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You know, I don’t even know if what’s in my bag posts are still a thing people want to read, but I guess we’re going to find out. Anyway. Now that I’ve been at my current job for a year, I thought I would share the things that I carry in my work bag. Whether […]

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It's hard to find the perfect work bag that'll make you excited to go back to the office. You've probably gone through a ton of different work bags, but you just can't seem to find the one that checks all of your boxes. You need a bag that's stylish and professional but also big enough

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