Biking with dog

Discover the best tips and gear for biking with your dog. Keep your furry friend happy and active while enjoying the great outdoors together.

Depending on where you live, biking might be your primary mode of transportation. But even if it’s not, it’s still fun to go biking, and it’s even more fun to tote your four-legged friend along with you for the ride. Living near the beach, we see plenty of bikes equipped with wicker baskets for fur kids, but where do you find such cute accessories?

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Biking with your dog can be a great way to exercise those high-energy pups that can outrun you (either speed or distance). It can also be dangerous for both of you if not done properly. Most importantly, be sure to use a bike attachment such as the Springer or WalkyDog, do not just jump on a bike with your dog’s leash in your hand. Then, follow these tips to getting your dog used to running next to your bike. #1 – Bike ... Read more

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Dog Bicycle Seat

Bring Rover along for the ride without tiring out his tiny little legs by carrying him inside this dog bicycle seat. The seat is mounted directly over the center of your bike for better handling, and it features a safety harness leash that you can attach to your dog.

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You love your dog! So why wouldn’t you want to take your dog with you when doing something you also love… riding your electric bike? Plus, you know they’ll have so much fun riding in the breeze with you. Fortunately, there are many ways to bring dogs on an electric bike. It depends on what […]

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