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Explore a collection of unique and creative bottle design ideas that will inspire your next project. From innovative shapes to eye-catching labels, discover how to create a standout bottle design that grabs attention.
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7 min read Browsing in the beauty section of your favorite store, you find yourself drawn to a certain brand…it is somehow calling you…it speaks to your philosophy about life…it is beautiful and you must own it! You buy it and leave the store dazed and a little euphoric. What just happened? You were overpowered […]

Ilaria Paganelli
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A non-alcoholic spirit cannot be as intoxicating as an alcoholic drink?! With Changin’ you can explore a new mindset whilst enjoying the intense taste of selected, distilled herbs in a non-alcoholic spirit. Expand your horizon, get intoxicated by the taste of Changin’ and let the special herbal composition change something within you – your perspective. The…

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As the retail industry continues to grow, businesses need to find new ways to make their products stand out. There are countless products that come and go from the shelves. And any design could end up looking stale when everything else looks the same. How do you earn a place in the consume...

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