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Ensure a smooth and stress-free wedding experience with our essential bridesmaid checklist. From dress fittings to bridal shower planning, we've got you covered. Start checking off tasks to support your bride-to-be and make her big day unforgettable.
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This past month, we partnered with Personal Creations to bring you guys the ultimate checklist for bridesmaids everywhere! Being a bridesmaid sometimes gets a bad rep. Ugly dresses, tons of responsibility, even more money, etc. I like to think of that as in the past though. Brid

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One of your besties has announced their engagement, and you’ve been invited to play a starring role as a bridesmaid. As part of the bride’s tribe, you’ll be involved in a whirlwind of wedding chat and planning. It’s going to be fun, but the job also comes with responsibilities. So what does a bridesmaid do?

Emma Kahan
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Sometimes it is hard for bridemaids to knowhow to help you as a bride. Especially when most brides are so organised! On a wedding morning a bride is asked so many questions and often by the time you getto the morning most brides think " If I haven't though of it I am not worried". You are often sick o making decisions. We find being there for so many wedding mornings one of the most stressful things for a bride is the number of questions asked. Sometimes it is people just generally…

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Why DIY Your Veil with a Tutorial? Don't waste hours on Youtube trying to figure it out yourself + don't break your wedding budget with an overpriced veil at a salon. Plus, this is a fun bridal project that Mothers of the bride and bridesmaids love to do together to create memories and bonds to last a lifetime.

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Download this free bridesmaid checklist and packing list for the wedding day or wedding weekend. There are so many little details to remember for the wedding and as a bridesmaid, Maid of Honor or Matron of Honor, you don;t want to forget anything important. We have a made a very detailed checklist and packing list that you can print out to keep you organized. The bride will have so many to-do items so you want to do everything you can to keep her stressfree and calm leading up to the…

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