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Vulcanian eruption | volcanism | Britannica

Other articles where Vulcanian eruption is discussed: volcano: Six types of eruptions: The Vulcanian type, named for Vulcano Island near Stromboli, generally involves moderate explosions of gas laden with volcanic ash. This mixture forms dark, turbulent eruption clouds that rapidly ascend and expand in convoluted shapes.

Jacob Perkins | American inventor | Britannica

Jacob Perkins, (born July 9, 1766, Newburyport, Mass. [U.S.]—died July 30, 1849, London, Eng.), American inventor who produced successful innovations in many fields. About 1790 Perkins built a machine to cut and head nails in one operation, but the plant he opened to exploit it was ruined by an extended lawsuit over the invention. He subsequently devised a method of bank-note engraving that made counterfeiting extremely difficult. Failing to attract American interest in the process, Perkins…

size: 18x12in Art Print: Planaria (Planaria Agilis), Platyhelminths, Invertebrates by Encyclopaedia Britannica :

size: 18x12in Art Print: Planaria (Planaria Agilis), Platyhelminths, Invertebrates by Encyclopaedia Britannica :

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Africa - Climate | Britannica

A number of factors influence the climate of the African continent. First, most of the continent—which extends from 35° S to about 37° N latitude—lies within the tropics. Second, the near bisection of the continent by the Equator results in a largely symmetrical arrangement of climatic zones on either side. This symmetry is, however, imperfect because of a third factor—the great east–west extent of the continent north of the Equator, in contrast to its narrow width to the south. In…

Size: 18x12in Australopithecus Afarensis, EvolutionWe have more Encyclopaedia Britannica Posters. Choose from our catalog of over 500,000 posters!

Size: 18x12in Australopithecus Afarensis, EvolutionWe have more Encyclopaedia Britannica Posters. Choose from our catalog of over 500,000 posters!

Europe - Climate

As Francis Bacon, the great English Renaissance man of letters, aptly observed, “Every wind has its weather.” It is air mass circulation that provides the main key to Europe’s climate, the more so since masses of Atlantic Ocean origin can pass freely through the lowlands, except in the case of the Caledonian mountains of Norway. Polar air masses derived from areas close to Iceland and tropical masses from the Azores bring, respectively, very different conditions of temperature and humidity…

More on this Day - July, 18 | Britannica

Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, (born July 18, 1853, Arnhem, Neth.—died Feb. 4, 1928, Haarlem), Dutch physicist and joint winner (with Pieter Zeeman) of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1902 for his theory of electromagnetic radiation, which, confirmed by findings of Zeeman, gave rise to Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity. In his doctoral thesis at the University of Leiden (1875), Lorentz refined the electromagnetic theory of James C. Maxwell of England so that it more satisfactorily…

Copley Medal | British scientific award | Britannica

Copley Medal, the most prestigious scientific award in the United Kingdom, given annually by the Royal Society of London “for outstanding achievements in research in any branch of science.” The Copley Medal is named for Sir Godfrey Copley, 2nd Baronet (c. 1653–1709), a member of the Royal Society

Highveld | region, Africa

Other articles where Highveld is discussed: Eswatini: Relief and soils: …to east they are the Highveld, the Middleveld, the Lowveld, and the Lubombo (Lebombo) escarpment. Geologically, the oldest formations are in the west, and the youngest are in the east.

Asia - Climate | Britannica

The enormous expanse of Asia and its abundance of mountain barriers and inland depressions have resulted in great differences between regions in solar radiation, atmospheric circulation, precipitation, and climate as a whole. A continental climate, associated with large landmasses and characterized by an extreme annual range of temperature, prevails over a large part of Asia. Air reaching Asia from the Atlantic Ocean, after passing over Europe or Africa, has had time to be transformed into…

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