British meals

Experience the rich and diverse flavors of British cuisine with these mouthwatering meal ideas. From traditional classics to modern twists, discover the best of British cooking.
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Recipe video above. The great British classic! Sausages nestled in a giant Yorkshire pudding, in all its puffed up glory, with delightfully crispy edges. The trick for stability is a dab of mayonnaise! Taught to me by an English chef, learned from his days working in pubs and restaurants in the UK. (See note 4)Some recipes will have you just bake the sausages from raw, but your gravy will be much tastier if you start with sausage drippings. So sear your sausages first!

Kevin Morley
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We've decided to pimp up this classic British comfort meal with our Black Treacle Gammon. This is the ideal Winter Warmer and comfort food to get you through Autumn. Our smokey and sweet Black Treacle Gammon, combined with the chunkiest and fluffiest of chips make this the ULTIMATE Ham, egg and chips. The poshest pub

Amanda Walker