Bronze dragon

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Bronze Dragon a work for Jim Zub's latest Dungeons & Dragons Young Adventurer's Guide: Dragons and Treasures. To be able to paint a metallic dragon is a challenge on itself! I tried really hard to incorporate Todd Lockwood's dragon look in this piece, and I like the way it turned out! Also, painting the scales is the part I enjoyed the most in this piece! Nevertheless, a very good experience to able to contribute to the D&D world! Massive thanks to my homies Joshua Raphael and Wilson…

Rafael Colin
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Bronze dragons were a race of metallic dragons. Curious and inquisitive, they possessed a strong sense of justice and did not tolerate any form of cruelty. While most of its body was a reflective bronze color, the wings were often tipped with green. The dragon had four large horns on each side of their heads, three protruding from each cheek and one from the top of their head, pointing back towards the tail. A large frill ran down the upper part of its neck. Bronze dragons smelled like sea…

Sandy Jacobs

Topaz dragons were a breed of gem dragon known to be selfish and unsociable and for their similarity to topaz.[7][6][3] When a wyrmling, a topaz dragon had scales that were dull yellow with orange highlights.[6][3] As it grew older, its scales hardened and turned translucent and faceted[6] while they brightened in color, with individual scales becoming indiscernible.[3] By adulthood, they were light orange in hue[7] and sparkled under the sun[6] and from far off they appeared as if carved…

Densuke Mifunae