Bulgarian bread recipe

Discover the art of making authentic Bulgarian bread with these delicious recipes. Learn how to bake traditional loaves with a crispy crust and soft interior, and bring the taste of Bulgaria to your kitchen.
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Kozunak is the traditional bread made for Easter in Bulgaria. Usually two loaves are made, one is left at the Church for the priest and the other is eaten by the family after the Easter service. This bread is lightly sweet that can be served for breakfast or as snack. 4 eggs 1 cup oil 2 cups lukewarm milk 2 cups sugar 2 lemon’s zest 25-30 gr fresh active yeast/7 gr instant yeast 2 tsp salt 12-13 cups flour For garnish: 1 egg yolk, beaten ¼ cup sugar ¼ cup cracked hazelnut/almond (optional)…

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Tutmanik or Mesenitza is a well known and popular Bulgarian cheese bread baked especially with Feta cheese. Every village, every region and even every family have their own way of preparing this cheese bread and also the name get changes depending upon how they are prepared. Thats why i couldnt stop myself to name this dish's title with both Tutmanik or Mesenitza. Obviously the shapes,recipes and the name may varies but the basic ingredient remains the same. Yes the basic ingredient for…

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In Bulgaria we celebrate the first steps a child takes and honestly to me, that's a big of deal. Making the first steps, the beginning of the "exploration" phase in the child's life, it's huge and it deserves a celebration. We celebrate it as a "coming of age" thing, but earlier version. All the relatives get invited, the oldest woman in the household ( or an unmarried one) makes a special bread ( pitka or pita) to be used as a part of the tradition. The mother provides a large, brand new…

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