Bullet journal weekly spread

Discover creative and inspiring bullet journal weekly spread ideas to stay organized and motivated. Customize your journal to make each week productive and enjoyable.
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Have you been drawing the same bujo weekly spread every week? If so, check out this amazing guide of 40+ bullet journal weekly spread ideas to create unique and elegant layouts! The spreads aren't organized into any specific order so you can find whichever spread suits YOUR needs best- whether it's being more creative or just wanting some inspiration on what colors would look good together

Brittany Emmanuel
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I’m back with some more bullet journal inspiration for you September set-ups! I’m home from work pretty much this whole week because of TWO hurricanes coming at Louisiana. The first one pretty much fizzled out, but it’s looking like Laura is going to be pretty bad. We’re not in the direct path, so we’re just hunkering down. Between looking at all these fall-themed bullet journal spreads and having extra time, I’m just dying to start putting out my fall decor! I popped into Michael’s…