Cake mix doctor

Take your baking to the next level with these creative cake mix doctor recipes. Discover mouthwatering desserts that are easy to make and will impress your friends and family.
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Doctored Cake Mix Recipes Master List from Out of the Box Baking

You've got a box of cake mix on hand but you're not sure what to do with. In this master list you'll discover dozens of different ways to bake up that cake mix into something delicious and unexpected!

Sharon Lanham
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The Most Delicious White Cake from a Box (Doctored Cake Mix)

Whether you're making a wedding cake, a birthday cake, or simple cupcakes, this delicious white cake recipe is going to be memorable for your family, friends, and party guests. This is my go-to recipe, the one I use most often. I can't even imagine pulling off a wedding cake project without this one in my arsenal!

Richelle Valdez