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Warm up with a bowl of homemade tomato basil soup. Discover easy and flavorful recipes that will satisfy your taste buds. Try one today!
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When the late summer months roll around each year and the garden smells like fresh tomatoes, that means it's time to can! My in-laws have been making this tomato basil soup for as long as I can remember and it's become a favorite in our household. Sharing recipes is always so rewarding because it allows us to share potential memories to be made. This year was a bit different as we were able to gather all of the tomatoes from our garden... very rewarding! In the past, we've had to supplement…

Jessy LaBarge
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The best homemade roasted tomato basil soup made with fresh tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, caramelized onions and optional add-ins for extra creaminess. This easy tomato basil soup recipe is full of flavor and the best way to use up garden tomatoes! You'll never want to go back to the canned stuff after you try this.

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The final volume of soup will depend on how much broth you add and the type of tomatoes you use. Different types of tomatoes have differing water content, much of which cooks off during roasting. It is a big pot of soup. Eat it for dinner and freeze the rest. You'll be glad you did on a night you don't want to cook!

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If you've been following me on Instagram (and please do, because I update that FAR more frequently than this old blog), you know that I have been can jamming like it's my part time J.O.B. My husband has been blessed to have a summer job at our local CSA, and one of those perks is getting to bring home a ton of vegetables. I've wanted to make the most of all of the amazing bounty, so I've been trying to preserve and can things at least every other day so nothing goes to waste. What he brings…

Hilda Miller
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Here’s the cast of characters for tonight’s canning session. Center stage is a beautiful assortment of prize winning homegrown heirloom (I might have awarded the prizes myself) tomatoes. Before going into the blender. Umm, let’s just say an immersion blender will be on my Christmas list this year. Ahhhh… all finished. I ended up with Read More >>

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