Canned lighting in living room

Transform your living room with the perfect canned lighting setup. Explore top ideas to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your living space.
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When deciding what lighting options to use in your house, recessed lighting is a great option. Recessed light fixtures don't take up space and offer a lot of options. One of the most basic choices is whether or not to get a can or canless fixture. We have researched the differences between the two to...

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Recessed lighting is beautiful but should it be symmetrical? It's important to figure out your layout ahead of time to save on costly do-overs. We've researched to find out what the best practices are when it comes to recessed lighting layout. In order to create the most even general lighting in your room, space your […]

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In artist’s Chuck Close’s kitchen in Long Beach, New York, recessed lights—three-inch-square LED Wall Washers with flangeless trim from Element—illuminate a drawing. The project was one of the first Freundlich undertook when he opened his own firm--how to use recessed lighting Remodelista Bedroom Lighting, Living Room Lighting, Recessed Lighting Living Room Layout, Apartment Lighting, Interior Lighting, Rustic Recessed Lighting, How To Place Recessed Lighting, Square Recessed Lighting, Design Your Home

No matter how well-designed your home, bad lighting can really kill the mood. Recessed lights are an option that when used strategically can remedy that—bu

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View here if you want to know where to place recessed lights and kitchen recessed lighting layout. Know more from our expert advice about kitchen designs.

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These recessed lighting layout tips can help you design an amazing looking kitchen, like the one pictured here. Kitchen Recessed Lighting Layout, Square Recessed Lighting, Recessed Light Bulbs, Installing Recessed Lighting, Recessed Lighting Fixtures, Recessed Ceiling Lights, Kitchen Lighting, Light Fixtures, Downlights Kitchen

To take full advantage of what recessed lighting has to offer in terms of both functionality and aesthetic charm, it's essential to get the layout just right. Read our blog to find more about recessed led lighting as well!

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A light is a light, right? Well, not quite. The truth is that when it comes to residential lighting, many homeowners mistakenly believe that any light will do the same job. Perhaps they choose the wrong fixture: overhead lighting, pendant lights, wall sconces, or lamps work only when used in the right context. Or maybe they ignore the impact lighting has on mood, home design, and how we see ourselves. With a little education, though, any homeowner can see their lighting design in—well—a…

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