Cedar trees landscaping

Enhance the beauty of your outdoor space with stunning landscaping ideas using cedar trees. Discover how to incorporate cedar trees into your garden and create a serene and natural atmosphere.
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Everything You Need to Know About How to Plant an Emerald Cedar

Are you looking for a beautiful statement tree or an attractive hedge for better privacy? Look no further than the emerald cedar! It is a beautiful, low -maintenance addition to any landscape. The following tips will teach us how to plant and care for an emerald cedar with great success.

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Emerald Cedar - A Planting and Care Guide

The narrow pyramidal shape and decorate fan-shaped leaves of the Emerald Cedar make it a popular arborvitae species in landscapes. These plants thrive in growing zones 2 to 7, and grow to about 15 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide. Younger plants have a bright-yellow green foliage that deepens to emerald green with age.

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Planting Under Cedar Trees: Which Plants Grow Underneath Them?

Do you have a cedar tree in your yard, but aren't quite sure what to plant underneath it? Certain plants will grow much better underneath cedar trees, but how do you know which ones to pick? In this article, amateur gardener Jason White examines what kind of plants do well underneath cedar trees, as well as several of the most popular options.

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