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My black medium double flap is probably the bag I get the most questions on Instagram about which is why I chose to review it loosely based on the common questions I get asked. The quilts on your bag are so puffy and shiny which series is your bag from? My medium flap is from...Read the Post

Licia Rockefeller-Drummond
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This is an unboxing and full review of my CHANEL SMALL CLASSIC HANDBAG that I purchased at 31, Rue Cambon in Paris! In the past I have structured designer review posts in a pro/con format. [ex – GUCCI WALLET ON CHAIN BAG review, CELINE TILDA SUNGLASSES review, GOLDEN GOOSE SNEAKERS review] This review, however, is going to be an exception. I can’t bring myself to speak badly about this stellar piece. But, I will do a comparison blog post in the future between my classic handbag and boy…