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Discover a wide range of symbols and special characters with the Character Map. Enhance your documents and communication with unique characters to express your ideas and creativity.
Character Map Printable Worksheet

The new school year approaches and we’re creating our own sets of FREE printable worksheets for middle and high school teachers to use in classrooms. First up: Character Map. Stay tuned to th…

Deborah Wronko
Character Traits-Character Map...great one! Also has a page full of adjectives about character!! Reading Comprehension, Reading, High School, Teaching, 3rd Grade Reading, Teaching Reading, 2nd Grade Reading, 4th Grade Reading, Problem Solving

Character Traits-Character Map - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. This document lists over 100 character traits that could be used to describe the personality of a character in a story. Some of the traits included are afraid, angry, artistic, athletic, awesome, beautiful, bold, bored, bossy, brave, brilliant, busy, calm, careful, charming, cheerful, curious, dishonest, disrespectful, embarrassed, evil, exciting, fair, fearful, foolish, friendly…

Dragon's Den Curriculum
Character Map - Includes list of character traits on the back! Reading Comprehension, Reading, English, Worksheets, Literature Circles, School Reading, 4th Grade Reading, Reading Workshop, Reading Classroom

I created this character map that I use during stations. I copy the Character Traits on the back and have them highlight the traits that describe the character. Then, they write them on the front of the page in the Character Traits section. They draw an illustration of the character in the middle of the page. I love it because I can use it during stations for the story of the week, whole group, or they can even complete it independently using the main character from their AR book. Click on…

Sydney Meyer