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Fuel your cheer squad with these delicious and easy snack ideas. Discover nutritious options that will keep your team energized and ready to perform their best.
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When it comes to team cheer competitions, every mom wants their child to have optimal performance. Creating the best cheer snack bag ideas are perfect for providing snacks that will not only boost their spirit but also their performance. Like all athletes, the performance of cheerleaders is greatly dependent on many factors including good nutrition. Therefore, their cheer snack bags should be filled with not only school spirit items but also a healthy snack and hydration.

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These 3 Team Snacks Are a Huge Hit for Fall Sports - If you have kids involved with athletics, chances are you'll eventually take a turn (or a dozen turns) at team snack duty. With four kids, all in a sport or multiple sports during every season, I've definitely had some experience in providing team snacks.

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This post may contain affiliate links. An affiliate link is simply one that will benefit me monetarily, only in the event you make a purchase. It costs you nothing extra, but helps this little blog of mine put food on the table for my family. Competition season of Allstar Cheerleading is upon us. The Allstar Cheerleading world is unlike any other sport I've ever been a part of. I mean, I was a Pop Warner cheerleader as a kid. I cheered for my high school. I was a soccer mom for a short time…

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Bringing the team snack is a thankless job. When it is my turn, I have to resort to my love of fun packaging or I just might die of boredom. My daughter's volleyball team has a lot of away games and after a long day at school, then a car ride to the game, I wanted to create something easy for the girls to eat on the road. A healthy variety of portable individual food. Peanut butter, hummus, veggies, apples and pretzels - and a little something sweet to get them in the spirit... I mean, when…

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None of my kids have any known allergies or food sensitivities. So, when I saw that there were players on my son's baseball team with a multitude of dietary requirements, I was a bit nervous. While I do read labels when I make purchases it is more of skim than a critical scour. Just basically checking how many grams of sugar, whether there are any preservatives etc. But I knew when it was my turn to bring the after-game snack, I needed to be very informed and intentional in my choices. I sta

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