Chermoula recipe

Elevate your culinary skills with these mouthwatering chermoula recipes. Discover how to create a burst of flavor in your dishes with this versatile Moroccan marinade.
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Chermoula sauce is a versatile North African condiment of fresh herbs, oil and spices used as a marinade or sauce for meats, seafood, vegetables and more. You may not be familiar with "chermoula", but if you've had traditional herb and oil based marinade-sauces like chimichurri, zhug, salsa verde, even pesto, you've had something quite similar.

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This chermoula chicken recipe yields tender and juicy meat with crispy skin and tons of flavor thanks to a fresh zesty, spicy North African herb sauce. This restaurant-quality meal whips up in less than an hour and pairs well with couscous or an easy 15-minute bulgur wheat pilaf, which I also share the recipe for.

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