Chicken waterer diy

Keep your chickens happy and healthy with these DIY chicken waterer ideas. Learn how to create a functional and efficient waterer for your feathered friends.
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Making a DIY chicken waterer out of recycled materials is not only an eco-friendly choice but also a smart way to ensure your poultry has constant access to fresh water. This guide provides a step-by-step approach to making one, emphasizing the use of materials you likely already have. By opting for a homemade solution, you're choosing sustainability and customization, tailoring the waterer to your flock's specific needs. This homemade chicken waterer guide will walk you through the process…

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Before leaving on a 10-day camping trip, I filled up the water dish for the chickens…and grumbled the entire time. I really wanted some kind of large reservoir…so the online research began! Here’s how I built an automatic chicken waterer.

Anna Sernawit
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We keep our chickens in big cages to keep them safe from predators and so we have an easy time finding the eggs. One of the biggest hassles of this is filling the waterers inside the cages, especially after it rains. I decided there had to be a better way. Here it is and it doesn't cost a lot. The parts list is: 1 5 gallon bucket with lid 1 new oil pan some 1.5" PVC pipe, some fittings, PVC primer and cement, some gasket material, and a valve I started by using a hole saw to cut a hole in…

Alex Lissimore