Child loss

Find comfort and support while navigating the difficult journey of child loss. Explore resources and healing techniques to help you through this unimaginable loss.
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A grieving mother can heal with the help of family and friends. But how can you support a mother grieving the loss of a child? Check out this post to learn how. Plus, what you can do to support a grieving mother and what NOT to say to a grieving mother.

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When the doctor finished up that prenatal ultrasound, he said the words that would change our lives forever. “I don’t quite know how to tell you this… there is something very wrong with your daughter’s heart”. At that moment, mommy’s own heart broke. Over the next few days, the doctors told us just how sick you were. They said life would be very hard and it may just be best to give up. We said “No.” We were going to fight with everything in us. When the doctor pulled you out of my tummy, we…

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