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Since I haven't had the luck to be born and to grow up in The United States of America, or any other Western country, but rather an occupation-torn post-Soviet state that has just regained its freedom, I've never actually seen or touched half of the things on this list. And, yet, looking at all these Poo-chi dogs, Polly Pockets, and things like phone charms, I feel a massive wave of 2000s nostalgia!

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It was a hot, sunny afternoon yesterday, and the kiddos weren't moving very fast, and I realized it was time to get out the water misters. Wow did everyone perk up! At first they just jumped and danced in the mist, rubbing the water on their faces and into their hair, and announcing things like, "It's summer!" "It's foggy!" "I see a rainbow!" Pure joy, a wonder to behold. Then something even better happened! Here's the story, mostly in pictures, with some explanation from me, and quotes from…

Matilda Ingermark