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The high school that I went to was a lot like Chilton Academy that Rory went to in Gilmore Girls... Expect mine was all girls so no boys which was a little depressing but whatever. The same antics that went on at Chiron were similar to what happened at my school. So in so ways I am living Rory's life... Emily Gilmore, Lorelai Gilmore, Stars Hollow, Girlmore Girls, Girls Life, Gilmore Girls Episodes, Paris Geller, Casa Anime, Student Body President

Chilton Preparatory School is a location on Gilmore Girls. It is situated in Hartford, Connecticut. Chilton is a co-educational prep school catering for students from kindergarten to senior level that Rory attends from Season 1 through Season 3. It is located in Hartford and is a prestigious school to attend, Rory gained attendance there in her sophomore year of high school. Chilton is highly competitive, and, as Hanlin Charleston once put it, while failure is a part of life, it is not a…