Chinese chicken curry

Spice up your dinner with these mouthwatering Chinese chicken curry recipes. Discover how to make authentic and flavorful dishes that will satisfy your cravings.
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Chinese-Style Chicken Curry Fakeaway — Dinner Smells Great

It’s no secret that we love any Chinese-style cooking here - from the flavours, colours, textures and sheer variety to the meal; we can never get enough of it! The mixing of sweet and sour makes this curry out of this world - perfect on it’s own or enjoyed with other fakeaway dishes!

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Chinese Curry Chicken - HomeNaturallyMade

Chinese Curry Chicken {Jia Li Ji 咖喱鸡} is an Asian Fusion version of a classic Indian cuisine dish, popular in places such as the Shanghai area and other southeast Asia regions. Featuring homemade from-scratch Garam Masala {Jia Li Fen 咖喱粉} and Curry Block {Jia Li Kuai 咖喱块}, it is so nutritiously yummy and easy to make.

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