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Discover the elegance and tradition of Chinese wedding dresses. Find the perfect dress to make your wedding day truly memorable and embrace the rich cultural heritage of China.
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Your go-to source for all qipao wedding dress questions. Browse different styles for your Chinese wedding dress, and find yours in our qipao wedding dress quiz.

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Brides from China traditionally wear a dress in red colours as the colour symbolizes love and prosperity in their culture. The traditional Chinese wedding dress in northern Chinese usually is a one-piece frock named Qipao, which is in red colour mainly and embroidered with elaborate gold and silver design. It has been witnessed that at many Chinese weddings, the bride wears more than one Chinese wedding dress. Couture, Traditional Chinese Dress, Traditional Hanfu, Chinese Clothing Traditional, Traditional Chinese Wedding, Chinese Wedding Dress Traditional, Chinese Dress, Chinese Wedding Dress, Traditional Dresses

On wedding day, all eyes are on the BRIDE. Every bride looks beautiful in her own unique way. Around the world, all brides wear a different wedding attire that signifies their culture. Many religions

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