Christmas barbie

Explore a collection of unique Christmas Barbie dolls and accessories to add to your holiday decorations. Create magical moments with these festive Barbie dolls and accessories.
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I remember playing Barbies a lot growing up. I had a best friend, Lauren, who had a great collection of Barbies. We would get together and come up with all sorts of imaginative stories and create our whole own world around the dolls. Lauren's mom was a Barbie doll collector and I remember several times getting to look through all of her collection of gorgeous dolls with their stunning dresses. She was always sure to get the Holiday Barbie to add to her collection! I even remember seeing the…

Kim Smith
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The 2017 Holiday Barbie Doll was designed by Carlyle Nuera. There is a Caucasian doll (product code - DYX39), an African-American doll (DYX40), and a Latina doll (DYX41). The dolls have ModelMuse bodies, but they have different facial sculpts. The Caucasian doll has the Collector Closed Mouth Millie sculpt; the African-American doll has the LaVinia sculpt; and the Latina doll has the Mermaid sculpt. The dolls wear a red metallic gown, earrings, and shoes. The gown is not sewn on to the doll…