City chicken

Discover mouthwatering city chicken recipes that will satisfy your cravings. Try these easy and flavorful dishes for a taste of the city right at home.
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Fried chicken often gets all the credit as the best of the fried foods. However, one bite of this city chicken and you're bound to agree that this Pittsburgh classic is just as good, if not even better. Using tender chunks of pork that are breaded, flash fried, and then baked to perfection- this vintage recipe is another one straight from Nonna's Italian American kitchen.

Lisa Sacco King

It's time to make authentic City Chicken Recipe. It’s simple to make and yields a super tender meat that you can cut with a fork. But, despite its name this is not actually a chicken dish. It’s a local dish that is made of pork sirloin chunks or a combo of veal and pork curves that are passed through skewers, browned and then braised slowly. I have fond memories of eating city chicken as a kid and I never questioned why it was named that way as it doesn’t contain any chicken. Where Can You…

Brandie Povlock