Classroom halloween party

Plan a memorable Halloween party for your classroom with these fun and spooky ideas. Get ready for a day full of excitement, laughter, and unforgettable memories.
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Will's monster bash birthday party was a hit! Let me just get this out there before I continue, the birthday party was inspired by Pinterest. I'll out myself before anyone says, "Hey, did I see that on Pinterest?" Yes, yes you did see it on pinterest. Nothing was original, and I'm a total copycat. But, guess what, it doesn't matter because... Will loved it! He's been super excited about his birthday party for weeks. We invited several of his little buddies from church, his cousins and other…

Vayla Stradling
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Ghastly good news for all you room parents: one of the most fun things you get to spearhead this year is the classroom Halloween party. With these 26 tips, tricks and fun ideas, you can easily hack together a party that's both kid and classroom friendly.

Kim Wood