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Discover fun and effective cleaning tips to make chores enjoyable and efficient. Get inspired to clean your home with these exciting ideas and make cleaning a fun activity for the whole family.
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Written by: Samantha Georgeson, Senior Editor | $CURRENT_DATE 21,391 VIEWS / 187 LIVE VIEWERS An official fact that I read about Americans recently, is that we hate cleaning the toilet the most! I’ve definitely been saying that “unofficially” for many years! I mean, really, who actually enjoys cleaning toilets? A sadomasochistic, that is who. Cleaning a

Kids Chore Baskets. Think I might do separate ones for each. Maybe it would make them more excited about chores. Diy Cleaning Products, Cleaning Organizing, Cleaning Hacks, Kids Cleaning, Cleaning Buckets, Cleaning Recipes, Diy Hacks, Norwex Products, Cleaning Calendar

A great help for parents that give household chores to their kids! -Purchase a few plastic baskets at dollar stores. -Print out a step by step instruction card for what you want cleaned in each room, labeling the top of the card with the name of the room you want cleaned. -Fill them with the contents needed to clean each room, and attach the direction card for that room onto the basket. Depending on your cleaning needs, and the products you use, you decide what products to put in the…

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How to ACTUALLY Clean A Stainless Steel Sink. If you're like me, then you pinned all sorts of blog posts about cleaning the crud and build up out of your stainless sink. Then you tried them all and found that no combination of baking soda, vinegar, peroxide, or prayer was ever going to actually...

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Infographic text reads "how to make cleaning fun even if you hate cleaning. 18 fun cleaning ideas that just may get you excited about cleaning. You can have fun cleaning. These fun ways to clean help reduce the stress and overwhelm of always thinking about what you need to clean. Having fun while cleaning can also improve your mental well-being and your mood." The 18 ways to have fun cleaning are listed with graphics. Easy House Cleaning, Household Cleaning Tips, Cleaning Tools, Deep Cleaning, Cleaning Workout, Cleaning Games, Cleaning Schedule, Homemade Cleaning Recipes, Homemade Tools

Are you sick and tired of cleaning, but know it still has be done? Don't lose hope. Here's 28 ways to make cleaning fun. Cleaning tips to make cleaning the house fun. Fun cleaning ideas that will get you excited to clean. Don't hate cleaning - here's some cleaning inspiration that will help you to have fun cleaning. How to make house cleaning fun.

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What to do When Would you do anything for your children? Sure, you would. As mothers we typically do our best for our family - take care of their needs. While talking to my newly married daughter about things in general, I mentioned my blog's new look and upcoming posts. She then asked if I would do a post on doing household cleaning chores. Both she and her husband work full time and they find, like we all do, that keeping the house in order can become a chore...and build up. We don't want…

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