Clock with gears tattoo design

Discover a collection of unique and intricate clock with gears tattoo designs. Get inspired by these stunning designs to create a timeless and mechanical masterpiece on your skin.
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Rose, Clock, Jigsaw Gear Tattoo: This tattoo may symbolize the passage of time and the intricate puzzle of life, blending the delicate beauty of a rose with the mechanical precision of a clock and gears. The combination represents the intricate and ever-changing nature of existence,...

Emil Kurbatsch
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Essentially, celebrities (or the stylists who dress them) are the original trendsetters. Many beauty and fashion trends are often inspired by megastars rocking their hawt-est looks. And, well, the rest of us are just copycats, or, in social media terms, followers. However, while the world is copying everything they do, there's something that is entirely theirs and is often hidden under their garments. And that is celebrity tattoos.

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If you are looking for a custom tattoo design, then I am the right person! I've got several years of experience as a tattoo designer and I can make your ideas turn into reality! I make my designs using digital drawing, hand drawing, pencil and watercolor drawing, and sometimes photoshop editing of images. You can suggest modifications until you are satisfied

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