Coal miners

Discover the inspiring stories of coal miners who have overcome challenges and persevered in their demanding profession. Learn about their experiences and find motivation in their resilience and determination.
For Colorado coal miners, the canary in the coal mine was actually a mouse | Denver Public Library History Child Labor Law, Company Town, Coal Miners, Colliery, Labor Law, Child Labor, Coal Mining, Children Images, Life Is Hard

The canary in the coal mine has long been a metaphor for early warnings, but for actual coal miners those birds were a matter of life and death. In Colorado coal mines, however, the canary wasn't an actual canary. Most of the time, Centennial State miners relied on mice to perform the functions normally carried out by coal mine canaries. Before we discuss the unusual relationship between mice and men in the subterranean world of the Colorado coal fields, it's worth looking at how animals…

Elizabeth Richards