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Indulge in a variety of delectable coffee recipes specifically designed for Nespresso machines. Discover how to create barista-quality beverages at home and elevate your coffee experience.

Have you become obsessed with the new brown sugar lattes everyone is making? Me too! The brown sugar gives the coffee a slightly richer, more caramelly flavor and I love it. Turns out, making your own brown sugar syrup is super easy to do and dissolves perfectly in cold brew and iced coffee. But, you

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Ahh, the Nespresso. I can remember when I first got my Nespresso Vertuo machine years ago. It was the most exciting day. Not only are Nespresso machines like art for your kitchen counter, but they make truly good coffee in a matter of seconds. And, with a little extra effort, you can get delectable coffeehouse

Lindsay Gibson
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One of the first drinks we ever wrote about was the Dutch Bros Golden Eagle. It is easily one of the most delicious iced coffee drinks at any coffeehouse (and we stand by that opinion!). Since starting this blog, we've heard from a lot of readers who have tried the Golden Eagle on our recommendation

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