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CH 2: Transferring product meaning from culture to culture Coca Cola is an example of etic perspective simply because the recipe, packaging and label are all the same all around the world. Retro, Vintage, Coke Cola, Coca Cola Merchandise, Coca Cola Addiction, Coca Cola Soda Can, Cola Drinks, Coca Cola Bottles, Pepsi Cola

This adorable COCA-COLA PARTY was submitted by Flavia of Alecrim Atelie de Festas. What a fabulous party! I absolutely adore all of the darling coca cola treats. For instance the amazing cake and hamburger cupcakes. This party has so many darling ideas that you could use for a birthday party for anyone of any age. The Coca-Cola party ideas and elements that I like best from this fabulous birthday celebration are: The darling coca-cola cake The cute coke cake pops The fun coke "Duda" bottle…

Adrianna Angers