Cold hearted

Dive into the realm of cold heartedness and discover the complexities of human emotions. Uncover the hidden layers of icy indifference and explore the impact it has on relationships.
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Looking for quotes about being heartless? We have rounded up the best collection of heartless quotes, sayings, captions, messages, (with images and pictures) for people who are hard-hearted. Also See: Broken Heart Quotes Heartless is an adjective describing a person with no feelings and emotions. The person usually lacks usually sympathy or love for others. […]

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People always label you to be a pretty cold hearted person, but, it’s not because you hate everyone – okay maybe it is – but your sarcastic attitude sometimes can be taken as “meanness.” In all reality, you just have the kind of sense of humor that needs to “grow on people,” or as some […] More

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