Colonial art

Discover a diverse collection of colonial art that will transport you to another era. Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture with these captivating and inspiring pieces.
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Williamsburg Style Reproduction Painting Nautical Soldiers This painting is featured in an antique frame. I believe it was an old Currier and Ives frame. The finish is in good condition. I did not have a piece of antique glass for this one, however. The colors are vibrant without being brassy The technique on this painting, while not unique, is common for me. It is what I would refer to as Pen…

Peggy Gaines
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Walker's Colonial American Sign LLC © is a small family business that specializes in unique, hand-painted signboards on old wood. Reproduction signs are made to museum quality standards. Common descriptors used for my work: rustic signs, deeply aged signs, vintage signs, historic signs, historical signs, antique signs, wooden signs, painted signs, original signs, old signs

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