Colorful office decor

Transform your office into a colorful and inspiring space with these top decor ideas. Boost your productivity and creativity with vibrant colors and unique accessories.
Turn office storage into a beautiful decor element by mixing woven baskets and brightly colored boxes for office and craft supply storage. #brother

It was so fun getting to share our new studio space that we posted a couple weeks ago, and a lot of you expressed interest in seeing more details and hearing about how we keep things looking so clean and organized. I’ll admit that it’s a constant challenge — some days we might get huge […]

Maia McDonald Smith
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Whether you already work from home or are seeking online jobs, it’s important to customize your officespace to inspire your creativity, so you can stay productive and motivated. I can never find home office decor ideas that are as wild as my imagination, so I made some of my own. Well, a lot actually. We’ll […]

Adriano Ventura
How to Decorate a Happy Home Office

Many home offices are boring, bland, and not really decorated. They often have either large traditional stained wood furniture that is too big for the room and doesn't accommodate technology very well, or cheap discount store wobbly furniture that could topple over at any minute. Electrical and data cords are typically laid across the floor in an unorganized fashion and papers are stacked because there are not filing systems in place. There is no reason for a home office to be sterile and…

Kelli Dupuy
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Today, we're taking inspiration from our two new Oh Joy! x Erin Condren designs, Rainbow Slide and Petal Playground, and styled an entire office space around them. Check it out… Here are the bright and summer-perfect designs they're inspired by! We pulled the color-schemes from the patterns and used them as the base of the […]

Valeria López