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Learn the fundamental cooking techniques that every beginner should know. Discover how to sauté, roast, and simmer like a pro with these essential cooking tips and tricks.
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Chasing Delicious posted a reference list of basic cooking methods. It starts with this poster that you can purchase for your kitchen, and then expands upon each cooking method to explain the hows and whys. These may be old hat to experienced cooks, but to someone who is learning their way around the kitchen, it's an invaluable resource. Link -Thanks, Russell! (Image credit: Russell van Kraayenburg)...

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Raise your hand if you received a new kitchen knife as a gift for the holidays! No? Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to rub it in. But regardless if Santa slid a shiny Henckels under the tree or not, this does not mean knife shopping shouldn't be in your future — upgrading to help you get ready for the cold winter ahead (read: serious time in the home kitchen). After all, it’s a great time for post-holiday sales too. But where to begin? Here’s a little guide to help you sort out the basics.

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I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that baking often seems quite daunting due to the complexity of the recipes and the required accuracy of all the essential ingredient measurements. Watching cookery shows like Masterchef, I marvel at how the contestants seem to be able to magically conjure up the recipe for any desired dish out