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Once, I found myself with a bunch of paracord and no idea what to do with it. So, I started looking up projects and was amazed at how many things you can make. From bracelets to keychains, there seemed to be endless possibilities. It was exciting to think I could make useful items with just some simple weaving techniques. As I dove deeper, I realized that these projects weren't just fun; they were also practical. I learned how to make a paracord survival bracelet, which not only looked cool…

Ire =^o^=
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Summer is coming................. I decide to make some more bracelets, especially for Rainbow, I make the ankle bracelet for her. Without letting them know the style I plan to make, I just ask them to choose the colors they like. And these are............SURPRISE!!! I called this bracelet as Love with Heart bracelet for Aurora! Mom's heart always with your heart! Soooooo lovely ! This one is for Rainbow, she is becoming teen, she likes ankle bracelet much more even she doesn't say it…

Mikyla Reid

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