Cotton weaving

Explore a variety of creative cotton weaving ideas that will inspire DIY enthusiasts to create their own unique and beautiful woven masterpieces. Get started on your weaving journey today.
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Before the weaving of the Ilkal saree the cotton yarns are dyed into desired colours in the process of Cold water dyeing and Hot water Dyeing. Cold Water Dyeing: It is the process where the natural silk yarns or cotton yarns are separated from the bundle and firstly dipped into a soap solution then required dye is mixed into the soap solution and the yarns are further dipped into the dye solution to absorb the colour and are kept for some time. Then the yarns are taken out and with a rod the…

Mayas de las tierras altas guatemaltecas siguen tejiendo hermosos textiles de la misma manera como lo hicieron sus antepasados ​​hace 1.200 años. Crochet, Tejidos, Tricot, Fabric, Guatemalan Textiles, Woven, Guatemala, Guatemalan, Backstrap Loom

We’re still smitten with reader Lolly’s textile-themed trip to Peru from a few months ago, so we were glad to see Laura Morelli’s recent shopping column about weavers in Guatemala continue along that thread. Mayas in the Guatemalan highlands are still weaving beautiful textiles much the same way as their ancestors did 1,200 years ago.…