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Ensure accurate and comprehensive records of your legal proceedings with professional court reporting services. Discover how court reporters can help you create a strong case and effectively communicate in the courtroom.
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Stenography is not Shorthand, but they are closely related, I guess. Children can learn anything...just imagine the complexity of human text and how it is acquired by the young. We are able to recognize wrinkled little characters on a page (or screen) and translate them in our brain to understanding, knowledge and emotion. It is beyond me. Squibbles which can make one cry, is amazing. I could increase my dexterity on a handheld (or a courtroom device using the layout of one of…

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In the Outliers, the author indicated that the research does not address why some people get more out of their practice sessions that others do. One answer is that some people do not know or understand what practice is. Robert Short, an international court reporter, once said, “If I knew when I was playing basketball, what practice was, I would ... Read More

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Court .... reporting? Like, typing? Often overlooked, court reporting is a very rewarding career that can provide flexible hours and great earning potential, but schooling for this career is not your typical college education. Let's take a look at what some students refer to as "Steno Hell".

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