Cow ghee

Explore the numerous health benefits of cow ghee and learn how to incorporate it into your daily meals. Enhance the flavor and nutritional value of your dishes with this versatile ingredient.
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Discover the finest farm-fresh produce and oils from Kaleeswari Farm. Sourced from the lands of Tamil Nadu, our products offer a blend of tradition and quality, ensuring a healthier, more flavorful way of life. Explore our range of fresh vegetables, oils, and more, and embark on a journey to better well-being with every bite.

Kannukutty Organic
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About this item VEDIC GHEE Ayurveda places A2 Ghee at the top of the oily foods list, as it has the healing benefits without the impurities (saturated fat, milk solids) A2 GHEE A2 Ghee is nutritious, healthy, pure & unadulterated Ghee with A2 proteins made from A2 Milk of Indian Native Cows 0% TRANS FAT A2 ghee is made from 100% natural fresh A2 cows’ milk from specially selected indigenous (desi) cows, not a product of genetic engineering or hormone driven dairy PROBIOTICS The milk is…

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