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Explore a wide range of essential cross stitch supplies to elevate your needlework projects. Find everything you need to create beautiful and intricate designs with ease.
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Cross stitch is a wonderfully relaxing hobby that is simple and inexpensive to get started. The only must have cross stitch supplies are fabric, thread, needle, scissors and a pattern with a comfy spot and good lighting to stitch in. Everything else helps make it easier or more fun! But…

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Choosing fabric for a cross stitch project can seem overwhelming. There are several different types of fabric suitable for cross stitch, and each has its own unique texture, feel, fiber content, and range of colors. In this post we will take a look at the pros and cons of main types of fabric - Aida, linen, and evenweave - so you can choose with confidence. Aida cross stitch fabric Aida fabric is one of the most widely used...

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Must-have beginner supplies for cross stitch and now here are the essential items for the advanced cross stitchers out there! These tools make intricate needlework a whole lot easier and quicker. From cross stitch fabrics, tips for cross stitch, how to cross stitch for beginners, lamps, frames and hoops!

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It is often said (and I very much agree) that cross stitch is an ideal hobby to pick up if you don't want to spend a lot on fancy equipment; it really doesn't cost a lot of money to get started.However, I think it's only fair to warn you that cross stitch can become highly addictive and you may eventually find that... "buying cross stitch supplies and using them are two separate hobbies"I think this is totally true for me. There's always a new fabric to try or a pretty new thread colour I…

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If you'd like to take your cross stitch away with you, I have lots of handy tips and suggestions to get you organised and make sure you have the most fun stitching while you are travelling. Cross stitch is very portable so it's easy to take it anywhere with you; on day trips, to visit friends and family, or even on holiday. I also share the lowdown on what cross stitch supplies (such as scissors) you can and can't take on a plane.

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12 tools & supplies gifts for cross stitchers Are you looking for a nice Christmas gift or birthday gift for the cross stitcher in your life? When it comes to gift ideas for cross stitchers, it might be difficult to choose if you are not a cross stitcher yourself. That's why we asked a

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