Crow's nest

Transform your home with these unique and cozy crow's nest ideas. Create a cozy retreat or a playful hideaway with these top ideas for your space.
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The Crow's Nest is a station located at the top of a ship's mast, where a player can act as a lookout for other ships, seafaring hazards, or locations. The Crow's Nest of every ship has a conveniently located Bell and a Ship Flag Box, where one can fly flags or manage Player Alliances. Since the Anniversary Update, ship Masts can suffer damage and break down, making it possible for Gunpowder Barrels placed on the Crow's Nest to inflict serious damage to the rest of the ship. Fire can also…

Adler Daré
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This edited article about the Rook first appeared in Look and Learn issue number 587 published on 14 April 1973. Rooks' nest The months of March and April are busy times in a rookery. Activity starts early in the year but it is not until these months that the eggs are laid. Male rooks are […]

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