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Explore our collection of cut canvas ideas to create stunning and unique artwork. Get inspired to make your own masterpiece with these innovative techniques.
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One of my favorite pastimes (or I could say research and education routines) is to visit craft blogs, DIY websites, related magazine pages, global product sites, artisanal initiatives, and other craft resources pages. It is an amazing feeling looking at DIY and craft projects done by other crafters and artists from all over the world. It stimulates my creative thoughts firing up ideas for projects, offers a fresh perspective, and provides valuable information on skills and new materials…

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Click on a thumbnail to view the image and for further information. This series began as a tongue-in-cheek response to the artist’s experience of being a commuter. The work is both a record of a single journey and an exploration of a wider shared experience that draws on each viewer’s personal memories and associations to train travel. The works imply a narrative that is never told in full, encouraging the viewer to invent their own stories. Some of the series are commissioned pieces…

Jess Sweeney
These are the boards that your canvas will be attached to.  Work on opposite sides and measure the interior width of your frame. Cut each board to this exact measurement using a straight cut. I used wood glue and clamps to attach opposite sides at the correct depth. Diy Artwork, Floating Canvas Frame, Diy Canvas Frame, Diy Float Frame, Diy Picture Frames, Floating Frame, Framing Canvas Art, Diy Frame, Wood Diy

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