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Ryan Wilson’s Rig in Review: 8 Months in Asia on the Tumbleweed Prospector – Ryan Wilson | The Radavist | A group of individuals who share a love of cycling and the outdoors. Tours, Cycling, Touring, Fitness Workouts, Outdoor, Surfs, Fitness, Asia, Aventura

I’ll be honest, the thought of a new bike is not something that really gets me terribly excited these days. The places it can take me and the people I will meet along the way? Definitely! But when a post pops up on this site or any of the other bike-related sites I visit that starts getting into new-fangled hub spacings or microscopic geometry tweaks and angles, my brain tends to glaze over and forcibly pushes my hand toward clicking on the next article. The things I look for when selecting…

Cameron Cook
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Today, we're elated to announce a project that has been in the works for some time: our own special and limited edition Radavist Mosaic GT-2X complete bikes. There's a lot going on with these bikes, so let's jump right in! Photos courtesy of FJCompany Inspo and Intent There's just something about the design of vintage Toyota Land Cruisers: The lines, the metal interior, the solid axles, and the stance of these vehicles are unlike anything else, in my opinion. These '70s Japanese 4x4s also…

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