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Explore the innovative and sustainable culinary creations of renowned chef Dan Barber. Learn about his farm-to-table philosophy and get inspired to elevate your own cooking.
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“Are you a ‘potatriot’?” British Vogue asked its readers in a 1917 feature. Before the First World War, it declared, kitchen gardens may have existed as a “humble Cinderella, set apart from the more showy members of the family” in the world of horticulture. Yet, as the ongoing conflict depleted provisions, that snobbery had to “go by the board”

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Elite Traveler speaks to Chef Dan Barber. Top 100 Restaurants 2017. Presented by #greygoose Special Recipes, Scrambled Eggs, Dish, Chefs, Dishes, Chef Life, Chef, Dan Barber, Thomas Keller

By Lauren Jade Hill Celebrated for elevating farm-to-fork dining, Blue Hill at Stone Barns is lauded as one of upstate New York’s most innovative restaurants, and our highest new entry for 2017. We speak to chef Dan Barber about the cuisine he takes such pride in. What does being voted among the world’s top restaurants …

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