Dark Fantasy

Immerse yourself in a world of dark fantasy with these captivating ideas. Discover the perfect blend of mystery, magic, and imagination to ignite your creativity.
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Art is more than just the form or medium that is used to create the art. It is not only about the creativity of the artist and his or her imagination but also the subject that inspires the work of art. In this article we will focus on works of art that is inspired by villages. By villages, we mean those rural areas where the influence of the city is very minimal and where the vistas are closer to nature than they would be in other areas. The village theme does have a lot of merits and that…

Dark Mouse
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The Dullahan is a legendary creature in Irish folklore. He depicted as a headless rider on a black horse, who carries his own head under his arm. His horse has red eyes and fire-throwing nostrils. His decomposed head has big eyes and a huge, vicious smile. He also has a human spine as a whip and he sometimes uses his head as a lantern. When a Dullahan stops his horse, it’s time for someone to die. Anyone who sees him will be sprayed with blood or whipped in the face and will be the next to…


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