Decorating wall cutouts

Transform your wall cutouts into stunning focal points with these creative decorating ideas. Discover how to add personality and style to your space with unique wall cutout designs.
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When we built our current house, Phil and I wanted to make sure there were no wall niches because I just find them awkward and never love what I end up doing with them. Somehow, this one snuck by and it's taken me forever to decide what I want to do with it. I had some MDF left over from the cabana bathroom I re-did (blog post coming soon-ish!) and decided it was finally time to do something! I'm super happy with the way it turned out and wanted to share for anyone who may be

Charlotte Pullins
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A shower niche is very handy to have indeed. It’s the perfect spot to hold your shower necessities. But I’m not talking about shower niches. Today I’m talking about the ones that many of us have in our homes; that shallow carve out in the wall that the builder put there. Do builders put them

Chantelle Fondren