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Dive into the action-packed world of Digimon Fusion and join the epic battle between humans and Digimon. Discover the thrilling adventures of Mikey and his team as they unite to save both worlds from evil forces.
Helloogarmon | DigimonWiki | Fandom Pokémon, Asian Dragon, Pokemon Oc, Pokemon, Werewolf, Beast, Digimon, Manga Anime, Creature Art

Helloogarmon is a Dark Animal Digimon and carrier of the X-Antibody. It is in a chaotic state that has been inundated with an enormous amount of magical power. The sinister magic data of a mythological warg that lay dormant in the deepest part of its DigiCore has been set free by the interface on its forehead. This vast amount of magical power is converted into flames which spew forth endlessly. The super-hot magical flames have burned their way through Helloogarmon, to the point that nearly…

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