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Starting off, making a cat scratching post can save you money and is a fun project. I found out that with a bit of time and some basic materials, you can make something that your cat will love. I used to watch my cat claw at furniture. That's when I decided to build a scratching post myself. It was a way to keep my cat happy and protect my furniture at the same time. In the process, I learned quite a bit about what cats like. For example, they prefer certain materials and heights. I tried…

Pamela Barrett
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This was originally a sponsored post. It has since been updated and revised. I've always had cats, from White Cat who my parents originally received as a wedding gift long before I was born, to Chewie and Leia, our current furballs, who joined the family on Max's 5th birthday. As much as love having cats,

Farida Rahmasani
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Interactive Box Cat Scratcher : I created the Interactive box cat scratcher to stop my cat (Alfie) from scratching unwanted areas and to have a space to rest and play. The interactive box design was based on Even and Katelyn's Cat Scratcher on Instructables https://www.instructabl…

Erika Rafter Pharmer
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Cats have been known for being independent creatures since ancient times but when given access to tools like cat scratchers, felines can enjoy life without ever having to worry about damaging the rest of the house. Not only will you make your cat happy, you’ll get rid of some of that extra cardboard you surely have.

Jan Haughawout