Diy flea and tick spray for yard

Keep your yard free from fleas and ticks with this easy-to-make DIY spray. Learn how to protect your family and pets from these pesky pests and enjoy your outdoor space worry-free.
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I have spent my entire life around animals. Cat, dog, or otherwise, I have just always had a soft spot for them. Truth be told, there are times that I would much rather be around my fur babies than some people. One thing that you have to deal with when it comes living with animals, is fleas. They are an unfortunate fact of life. Through the years I have learned that if you bathe your pet in Dawn, it will kill the fleas - without having to use any harsh chemicals. (I have heard that any dish…

Luis Reyna
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Learn how to use diatomaceous earth powder for flea control and tick prevention. A tick infestation is horrible for both you and your pets, and food grade diatomaceous earth is a natural form of pest control that is safe to use in the yard. #diatomaceous #earth #ticks #yard

Courtney Gerken