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Engage your toddler with interactive and educational DIY learning boards. Explore top ideas to make learning fun and exciting for your little one.
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One of the homeschool challenges I faced was figuring out how I was gonna teach my 3rd grader while also giving quality attention to our playful and active four-year-old. I found that including him during some portions of the lessons made things much easier. But how do I include a 4-year-old in 3rd-grade lessons? The answer for me was to invite him whenever we read and did history and science class. I realized that he seemed most interested in those lessons, and if he wasn't, he was free to…

AM Buendia
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I decided to send my oldest to preschool this next school year which means I will have one and one time with my little man who will be two in September. His attention span is short but I still want to give him a head start on learning. I plan on beginning with colors, then basic shapes, followed by counting 1-5. *CLICK HERE to see another learning board idea In anticipation with starting preschool with him, I put together this display using a tri-fold board. I love how it turned out and plan…

Betty Liao
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Do you have a child who is Pre-K and you desperately want to give them the edge at school by doing some ‘prep’ work at home with them? Maybe you have no idea where to start… Adam is now nearly 3 and we spend a lot of time doing ‘educational’ activities such as sorting and […]

Mamie McRae